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Registered Clinical Counsellor

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Chris Drummond is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, offering counselling services to individuals, children & youth, couples and families in Powell River.


Chris has over 25 years of experience in the helping field, and she has helped clients to connect with their hopes and values, discover new possibilities for their lives, and find alternate directions in life.

The Benefits of Counselling

“It is a bewildering thing in human life that the thing that causes the greatest fear [pain] is the source of the greatest wisdom.” C.G. Jung

Every human being has faced, and will continue to face unforeseen difficulties and challenges in life that can compromise or interfere with his/her capacity to deal with them.  I believe that we all need to struggle as a part of finding our own answers to life’s difficulties, and at times we need to give up our defences and open ourselves to our hurt and pain.  Therapeutic counselling can be instrumental in the lives of individuals who are willing to take risks, who are able to tolerate uncertainty, who dare to be different, and want to live a fuller life.  I myself had early life challenges that left me with anxiety and low self-esteem, but through my own counselling and healing journey, I have learned that we do not need to allow our early life experiences to determine who we are.  By working on the difficult spots in our lives and honestly confronting our problems, working through them, and making changes, we can exceed our current potential in order to live from our greater human potential.


My Therapeutic Approach

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” Madam Curie

In counselling, I use a collaborative partnership approach with clients, and you and I work in a space of safety, respect, care, and openness to explore your feelings, thoughts, and behaviour comfortably.  I believe that people can deal with their problems, yet at times, they can benefit from the help, support, knowledge and skills of a trained clinician.  

Because human development involves biology, psychology, social influences, as well as, a spiritual component, I implement an Integrative Approach to Therapy, and I use a variety of therapies, as they collectively help explain the complexities of human functioning.  Some theories focus on feelings (Experiential Therapy), others on gaining insight (Psychodynamic Therapy) ,while still other theories examine a person’s beliefs about themselves and about their world (Cognitive Therapy), and other theories look at how we are behaving and what we are doing, and if our behaviour is taking us in the direction we want to go (Behaviour Therapy).  Because people are not only thinking, feeling, behaving and social beings, but also biological, cultural, spiritual, and political beings, I take a holistic approach to therapy that encompasses all of human experience.   

Some of the therapeutic approaches I use are: